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As you navigate through our site, you will find the tools necessary to give you every advantage you need to achieve maximum success in your online endeavors. UNIM LLC offers the fastest Web Hosting connections available, easy to use website editing tools, customizable shopping carts, 5-Star rated secure e-commerce payment gateways, difficult to obtain merchant banking accounts, marketing and promotional help tools, as well as the support that you will need to reach and service your customers in the way that they deserve. Assembled together, they are designed to achieve optimum performance, at affordable prices, enabling quick, efficient, and functional deployment of your Internet presence.




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hether you are already in business, or just getting started, we provide the services that you will need to succeed in this ever-changing global marketplace. By simply using one of the tools that UNIM  offers, like the UNIM  Business Website CD you can offer the world a professional and complete impression of what you and your company represent. With the help of the Staff at UNIM and the Smart Start Kit, UNIM  makes the task of building a web presence very flexible, easy, and fun and ultimately it can be a very effective way to sell your products and services online.

UNIM . products and services complement each other for superior business enhancement. The UNIM Program is designed as an educational and business enhancement tool with the sole intention of providing a pathway to business on the Internet. Take a few minutes to look at the program and see the power, possibilities and real life applicability of the UNIM Program.
  Smart Start Book
  Maximize your Internet presence on CD
  5-Star rated secure e-commerce payment gateways
  Marketing and promotional help tools
Easy to use Website Editing Tools
  Complete Business Website
  Guide to Internet-Malls & AUCTIONS
   Program Follow-Up Training Seminar
  Customer Service & Technical Support
Customizable Shopping Carts


Complete Business
Website CD

UNIM LLC website  is a website building tool that is easy to use yet, extremely advanced. Our UNIM LLC website builder is the most flexible and economical way to do business on the Internet regardless of your previous experience on the Web.

With the UNIM LLC Website Builder you can promote your own business on the Internet or upgrade at an additional cost to one of the “Auction Enabled” websites and work to get your own piece of the Internet Revolution!
UNIM LLC now provides a quick way to register your own Domain Name at an affordable price of $14.95 Yearly. Click on link to the left or Simply fill in the name you are requesting and click check availability.

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